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My home is in Chamberlains, CBS, Newfoundland: a place close enough to sea so that I can go there to watch the glorious sunsets over the bay, and the other infinite variety of sights and sounds that are forever changing, yet forever the same. I'm not as young as I used to be and don't get around much any more, but I've had many wonderful hours of enjoyment with my Yasihca 44 TLR and trusty old OM-2. I've always enjoyed photographing wild flowers, particularly the smaller ones, many of which , albeit mostly overlooked and dismissed as weeds, are exquisitely beautiful. Digital photography, complete with all the magic of its own portable darkroom, has brought a new dimension to the hobby. My OM-2 is retired now, but it is such a beautiful instrument, such a joy to hold and behold, that I don't think I will ever want to part with it. My digital, used mostly, is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30. Its 35-420 mm Leica zoom lens can really reach out for those hard to reach shots. My photographs are strictly amateurish, but hopefully some have succeeded in capturing something of the moment that inspired them.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Plastic, plastic everywhere, but dead life's rhapsody.

When we were children, one of the great joys of winter was building and competing with our own slides (sleds). Small ones were called "belly-busters" and used mostly by dare-devils. You lay down rather than sit on these. The larger size could carry two, usually a lad and one of the girls.. The largest size were the bob-sleds. These could carry four or more.. Some slides, especially the bob-sleds had an extra runner, or runners, used for steering. A rod on which the feet , or hands were placed extended either side of the steering runner. On moonlight nights, young adults - the courting crowd - joined the youngsters, and Pitts Hill was a cacophony of screaming delight. Later came the factory built type for those who could afford them. These were called "coasters" but were no match for the home-made ones either in speed or in durability. My dad, being a blacksmith, I had the advantage of custom-built shoes. Round ones were the best.

Anyone with a slide story to tell, you are welcome to use the available space, but please keep it short. Would love to hear your comments.
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


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The late sun just catching the tip of this heap of gravel.

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Ice figures on my car window.

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Monday, January 11, 2010


.Thanks to the technical expertise of Martha, this website has been rescued and placed back on line. It's ,being the only written eye-witness account of the event, of particular historical interest. It was previously hosted by Geocities who have gone out of business.

Hopefully, my account of the early history of Lance Cove will also be resurrected. I don't have any great legacy to leave behind, except a deep and abiding respect for my ancestors and a longing that they not be forgotten.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

For the first time ever we had an artificial tree. A friend brought me some balsam twigs that I placed along the window sill, so that I could at least enjoy the smell.


.What a synonym on the secular joy of Christmas!!
The power fueling the industrial revolution in China , from which this garbage originates is fired by coal. What the f&%$ do they care if in the next 20 years, Hong Kong is under water. There's nothing we can say, we don't have a leg to stand on. Obama, and his puppet, Harper, come off looking like ass'oles

China, unlike the US, understands the meaning of civilization. Therein lies the only immediate hope for the survival of humanity.
They are a civilized people.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


Thank you to all who have been following my blogs; especially for your comments.


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